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Chocolate cigars in a whooden box


Wooden box with 54 assorted chocolate cigars in 3 different flavours:

Orange chocolate cigar, filled with milk chocolate paste and almonds, enriched with candied orange peel. The cigar is covered with a double layer of milk chocolate and 56% dark chocolate, which preserves the aroma to the full. The chocolate cigars are cold-drawn, to preserve the flavour.

Nougatine truffle chocolate cigar, filled with cocoa paste and gianduja, covered by a double layer of milk chocolate and 56% dark chocolate. The filling is enriched with caramel pieces whose consistency is reminiscent of the crunchiness of caramelised hazelnut Nougatine.

Aromatic cocoa chocolate cigar, a soft filling of chocolate and hazelnut paste covered with 56% dark chocolate. The fondant filling, softened by the addition of olive oil, creamed Piedmont Hazelnuts and cocoa butter, has a distinctive aromatic scent attributable to the addition of cocoa from Papua New Guinea.

Storage temperature:15-18 °C (59-65 °F)

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